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Dublin At Home Privacy and GDPR

Dublin At Home take your privacy very seriously. We are interested in protecting your personal data and keeping it private. We only use the data to conduct our normal business and to send you marketing emails if you consent to it

We are currently working hard to ensure that we are following the GDPR guidelines. We think they are a great idea and help all of us to respect each other and our data

This is an ongoing process. We have created a roadmap for every single issue and below you can see some of the things we are doing to help keep in line with current guidelines

As we continue to improve and upgrade our processes, you can keep up to date by visiting this page at any time

If you have any questions, please direct them to sales@irelandathome.com for the attention of the Dublin At Home compliance officer

We are the 'Data Controller' for your personal data

We provide training for any staff who come into contact with your data including how to work in compliance with the GDPR

How we collect data

  • We collect your name, email address, land phone, mobile phone and postal address if you make a booking with us
  • We don't market using your phone data, only contact you in the reasonable carrying out of our business
  • We collect your name and email address if you decide to join our mailing list
  • We use cookies to make the site easier to use, but not to track you
  • We use Google Analytics services to track anonymous data about how customers move through the site, amount of visitors and what part of the world they come from. This makes them a 'Data Processor'. Their GDPR statement is here
  • As with any server, your IP address is kept at part of the normal log files. We make no attempts to directly use log data to track you

What data do we store about you?

If voluntarily provided, we store your:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • A land line phone number
  • A mobile/cell phone number
  • Postal address (in the case of a holiday booking being made)

How we store your data

  • Your name, email and address is stored in a business database on our servers. This data is kept as part of your contract with us if you book a holiday. It is kept on file for legitimate time for legal and tax compliance. The identifiable fields are encrypted and are only available to view by our designated staff
  • Your name and email is stored sercurely in a database on the servers of our mailing list service provider, Mailgun.com. Here is a link to their GDPR and EU Data Protection statement. They are a 'Data Processor' for your data for the purposes of sending emails you have opted in for. The identifiable fields are encrypted and are only available to view by our designated staff
  • We also use the services of SendGrid(Twillio) for sending of your informational emails. Their GDPR policy is here
  • All communications through the site are via SSL and the HTTPS protocol for maximum security of data in transit

How do we use your data

  • We keep it on file for legal and tax purposes and for the legitimate running of our business dealings with you
  • We pass on some of the data to home owners where they need that data to conduct business. We are currently drafting agreements to ensure full compliance from these suppliers. We do not allow them to use your data for marketing, or sell it to anyone.
  • We use it (if given permission by opt-in) to send you marketing data from time to time

How do I contact you about your data?

You have the right to opt-out, have your data removed, view the data we have on file for your, or request changes to that data. Contact us by:

  • Calling us on +353 404 64608 and ask for the Dublin At Home compliance officer
  • Emailing us at sales@irelandathome.com for the attention of the Dublin At Home compliance officer

Our payment services are provided by Stripe. Their GDPR statment is available here

Our chat provider is Drift. Their GDPR statment is available here

We carry a car hire service from CarTrawler. We do not give them your data directly but you may decide to use their services from our site. Their Privacy policy is here

GDPR is a positive step in the maintenance of your private data. We are fully committed to ensuring your privacy and will be working daily to acheive the highest standards we can